Weather Map API

Foreca Weather Map API provides weather forecasts and observations as map overlays worldwide.

Precipitation radar images, atmospheric weather forecasts and satellite images are typically shown as map overlays. Foreca provides map overlay images through its Weather Map API. Overlays are primarily provided as tiles that are compatible with the most common map services such as HERE, Google Maps and OpenStreetMap. Foreca's own background maps are also available.

Beautiful Weather Maps

Weather maps are optimal in showing areal weather conditions in a selected territory. The changing weather conditions, e.g. cloud movements, are ideal to show in animated timeline view in any map-based solution such as mobile apps, car navigation systems or web interfaces.

Weather maps

Weather Layers

A variety of atmospheric forecast parameters can be visualized as map overlays. Foreca provides map overlays of all the relevant weather parameters.

The weather layers are designed for use on top of a map. The Weather Map API contains weather data as commonly used map tiles, thus they are compatible with Open Street Maps, Google Maps, HERE Maps, Bing Maps and any other maps using the standardised tile indexes. The WMS integration is supported as well.

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Background maps for weather information

Background Maps

In addition to 3rd party maps, we also provide some simplified maps designed for use with weather information. With simplified background maps, the weather layers are easier to follow, especially in certain demanding industry uses. In addition to global maps as tiles, maps can be divided by geographical areas, such as provinces/states, countries or continents. Location names on the map can be included as a transparent overlay (several languages are supported).

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The API Design

Low latency

Low Latency

API implementation is optimized to minimize latencies in the service. For instance, the most used weather graphics are pre-rendered in the backend to boost the response speed of the API. Furthermore, adaptive caching is utilized to speed up the service.

UI experience

Great UI experience

Foreca works together with you to design UI and backend APIs to offer great user experience for your end-users. APIs are essentially designed to support UI experience, not vice versa.

Beautiful Design

Technical Support

Foreca's technical support helps you implement the weather maps in the best possible way. In case of any questions, we are happy to help you.

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Weather map api demo

Live Demo of Weather Maps

Explore some examples of the basic weather maps and how they look like with live weather data. Log in to our demo interface to see the following:

  • Precipitation: USA/Europe radar & global forecast
  • Global satellite images and cloudiness forecast
  • Global wind forecast map
  • Global temperature forecast map
  • Global weather symbol map

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The Weather Map API is based on HTTP queries, which are sent to Foreca servers. The service responds by providing graphics in vector format (SVG) or raster (PNG, JPG). The service can also be requested to list available data layers and available time stamps for any given coordinate (longitude and latitude). This information is given in JSON format. Multiple zoom levels for the weather overlays are available (levels 3-12).

Our services are reasonably priced based on the customer use case, the service usage volume and amount of customisation work required. We would be happy to offer you our pricing quote after we have specified together your requirements for the service. Our value proposition is to always deliver a weather service that is a perfect fit for the customer need. To be able to focus on major customer projects currently we are not offering freemium services or short term project deliveries.

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 Technical Details

For more detailed technical information, please visit the page linked below.

Foreca Weather Map API Documentation