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Pollen data available via Foreca Weather API

As we all enjoy the blooming season during spring time, the season also brings another phenomena - Pollen. While allergic people might be struggling, the plants are enjoying their reproduction procedure. Foreca is now introducing our new Pollen API to forecast pollen in Europe.

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Weatherscape weather graphics visualisation software now available through Foreca

Leading visualisation software Weatherscape is now available directly from Foreca across the Nordic countries, Baltics and Poland.

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Improvement in Foreca Weather API: Increase in Radar Coverage

Foreca has increased radar coverage both in Europe and Asia.

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New Feature for Foreca Weather API: Global Air Quality Index

We are happy to announce that Foreca Weather API features now global air quality index.

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Latest in Foreca Weather API: Vector Map Layers

An easy way to make nice looking map animations without hiccups.

Foreca now offers a new version of weather maps for multipurpose usage. The Vector Map API gives data in vector polygon format in contrast to raster files (png). This format is even easier to customise according to your wishes and special needs.

Have a look at Vector Maps in action at

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Introducing: Automated weather texts

To make weather reporting more efficient than ever, we are excited to announce a collaboration with United Robots. By using Foreca’s data, United Robots creates automated weather texts - written by a robot.

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Three reasons why it is worth adding weather content on your news site

Weather is one of the most popular news topics. Many of us are interested in severe weather news, such as storms and heat waves. Also daily weather information is important for planning our daily activities. With good weather content on your news site you can attract more visitors and boost your site engagement. In this text we tell you, why weather content is worth adding on any news site.

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How to make a global weather app serving both iOS and Android users


Foreca Weather app is one of the most loved weather apps in the App Store and Play Store all around the world. In this article we share with you the story of how we made the app using the React Native platform and weather data provided by Foreca Weather API. We hope this article will help you to understand what it takes to develop a weather app for a global audience.

Before going into details about our experiences in coding with React Native, let us give you a brief introduction about us as the developer of Foreca Weather app.

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Weather: must-have content or revenue generator?

A couple of years back a journalist of Iltalehti (a Finnish afternoon tabloid) said in a TV interview that the weather news are the most popular news in the printed newspaper and on their website. People really love to talk about weather.
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