Weather for Agriculture



Increase yield with professional forecasts

For farmers, it is crucial to understand upcoming weather conditions in order to avoid risks and maximize yield. All farmers have to take weather conditions into consideration when estimating additional irrigation or evaluating the operating temperatures of fertilizers and other materials. Because of the coordinate-based weather forecast method, you can have accurate weather information calculated exactly for your field or area

Weather data available:

  • Coordinate based API including agriculture and irrigation specific parameters
  • Weather alerts to mitigate effects of adverse weather
  • History data for analyzing effects or past weather
  • Satellite images
  • Graphical images and weather animations, which are easy to integrate into any agriculture decision support system


Use scenarios

 ico4   Tracking and analyzing effects of field works - Foreca History API

 ico4  Advance planning based on weather conditions - Foreca Weather API

 ico4  Effective irrigation - Foreca Weather API agri add-on

 ico4  Mitigate effects of adverse weather conditions - Foreca Warning API

Increase your crop yield with Foreca’s weather forecasts