Weather Solutions for Websites

Weather content is a key component for building a successful news site.


LocalWeather - easy and simple way to add attractive weather content on your website

Global Weather Locally

LocalWeather provides all the weather information needed in everyday life. The colours and some of the elements are customisable to fit the look and feel of your own brand.

Responsive for Mobile

Fully responsible elements to be placed anywhere on your website. Use it as a complete weather page or as separate widgets. The service is responsive and looks nice on any device or screen.

Easy to Implement

Easy to implement in just minutes! Just put your unique LocalWeather url in a predefined place or element on your website. Foreca hosts the service, which makes it easy and convenient for you. 


FAQ:s about LocalWeather:


What features does LocalWeather include?

  • Weather now, daily, and hourly
  • Precipitation map
  • Temperature map with weather symbols
  • Location search bar
  • Feature to save favourite location


weather parameters

Which weather parameters are included in LocalWeather?

  • Temperature (C°, F°)
  • Rain (mm, inch)
  • Wind speed and direction (m/s, km/h, mph)
  • Relative humidity (%)
  • Air pressure (hPa, mmHg)
  • Visibility (m, km, mi)

LocalWeather custom

Can I customise the content?

  • You can customise the colours, units and default location.
  • You can also add widgets. For Instance, show the small weather now widget on your front page and direct the visitor to your comprehensive LocalWeather weather page
  • If you wish to build your weather site from scratch, have a look at our Weather API

ForecaBox - Free Weather Widget

If you want weather information on your website, ForecaBox is exactly what you need: a ready-made weather information box which you can place on your website with ease, ForecaBox is available in more than 30 languages. Go to and simply follow the instructions. ForecaBox is free of charge.

Foreca Weather API - present the weather in your own way

Foreca Weather API brings accurate weather forecasts to your service.

If you wish to design your own weather service with high-quality weather data, Foreca Weather API is an ideal option for you. We provide you the data, you decide on the rest.


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