Weather Services for Developers

Foreca provides global weather data for dozens of app developers worldwide.


Weather in Applications

Foreca weather data is ideal for mobile apps. Weather apps are our most-used category, but there are tons of new innovative solutions waiting for their developers 

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Weather Apps

Weather is one of the most popular categories in mobile apps. Weather interests everybody, therefore, it is easy to monetise. With Foreca's global weather data and over 40 different languages, the applications are scalable worldwide.

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Sport Apps

Use weather information to enrich the features of your sport app. Give more points when exercising in bad weather (gamification), send weather-driven push notifications to encourage working out, enable storing the prevailing weather conditions in the training records or showing a rain radar on top of the running route map.


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Games & Simulators

Use live weather conditions in simulators to provide an authentic experience. No more random conditions - provide weather information based on the real locations of sport events.

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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Have you ever thought about using weather-specific elements in your apps? Use weather-based triggers on location-based games or enrich your virtual reality applications with current weather conditions.

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