Weather in Traditional Media

Foreca is a one stop weather shop for all media channels.

Foreca's newspaper products are innovative and easy to implement. For radio station reporters, Foreca can provide a special user interface with additional information by way of radar images, animations of the weather and observations. Foreca weather animations are fit to use in TV stations in broadcasting.

Weather in newspapers


Foreca's newspaper products are innovative and easy to implement. The service includes weather maps and symbols with observations and forecasts in text or table formats. The content and layout can be tailored according to your wishes. Complete weather pages are compiled automatically from various text and picture template files, ready to place into the newspaper every day.

As a Foreca customer, you also have the possibility to get consultation from our meteorologists when writing editorial stories about the seasons, natural phenomena or anything else related to weather. Use Foreca expertise, interview our meteorologists and get extra monthly reports to build your articles with proof-points.

Weather in radio


For radio stations, real-time weather information is a necessity. Foreca provides a set of useful modules to reporters for radio broadcasting, such as ready-made texts to read live on the radio, and weather news with charts and rain radar animations to give an overall view of the daily weather.

In addition, the Foreca notification service allows to pinpoint interesting locations on the map, such as festivals, sport events, big cities etc. The notifications may also alert the radio reporter if rain or even thunder is expected in the points of interest.

Notification API

Broadcasting the weather

TV Stations

An attractive weather show is a great ad revenue generator for TV stations. With our reliable partners, Foreca can provide your TV station with the weather show that best fulfils your requirements.

The weather show can include simple weather maps, local weather forecasts as charts or you may opt for a complete weather show with map graphics, fly-through 3D weather videos or meteorologists presenting the forecasts.

Weather videos

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