Weather Notification API

Set and receive push-notifications based on Foreca weather forecasts

Be informed about noteworthy weather conditions before it is too late. Foreca Weather Notifications API enables you to set and receive weather-driven push notifications. Activate notifications using weather parameter values as triggers and always receive a push notification when the pre-set threshold value is forecasted to exceed (or is observed) at a chosen coordinate point.

How it Works

All the notifications offered to the end-users are to be adjusted in the API in advance. End-users are allowed to switch them on/off based on the location they want. While the API works in JSON format, the customer is required to provide an user interface for the end-users.

Subscribing to the Notification

  • Set an id, such as a mobile phone number for the subscription
  • Set the weather parameter(s), e.g. wind gust
  • Set the threshold value to trigger the notification, e.g. 25 m/s
  • Set the timeframe under monitoring, e.g next 2 hour forecast
  • Set the monitored coordinate point
  • Set the piece of text delivered with the notification
  • Limit the weekdays and hours when the notifications are allowed to be send.

A standard radius (e.g. 2 km) is set around the monitored coordinate point. Foreca's standard value of radius is dependent on the weather parameter used. With some parameters, the standard radius can be modified according to your specific needs. For instance, the winter maintenance areas can be covered by defining the radius.

Weather-driven push notifications via Foreca API

An example of the end-user interface

Available Triggers

The following parameters can be used as triggers for the notification. 

  • Air temperature (°C, °F)
  • Wind speed (m/s, kmph, km/h, knots)
  • Wind gusts (m/s, kmph, km/h, knots)
  • Relative humidity (%)
  • Precipitation sum (mm)
  • Precipitation intensity (mm/h)
  • Solar radiation (W, J/h/m^2)
  • Visibility (m)
  • Cloudiness (%)
  • Thunder probability (%)
  • Lightning observations (amount/h)
  • Crown snow load (binary)
  • Foreca driving condition codes

The monitoring timeframes available vary between the parameters.

Use Cases

The notifications are suitable for both consumers and professional users.

Avoid rain

Consumer End-Users

Weather interests everybody. Probably the most important thing you may want to know is if it's going to be raining. That way, you could prepare by taking an umbrella with you or finishing your outdoor activities before it’s too late. Or, maybe you want to know if it is going to be slippery on the roads the next morning on your way to work by car.

Prepare for maintenance

Professional Use

Energy companies, construction companies, and many other industries need to be prepared for certain weather conditions in advance. It takes time to monitor the weather all the time, so why not just get notified when needed? If the weather affects your business somehow, optimise your business in advance with the help of weather notifications.

Prepare for the weather

Your Case

Tell us what you are thinking about. We are happy to help you by providing tailored services when it comes to weather-driven notifications.

Optional Service Models

In addition to Notification API, Foreca provides services based on notifications.

Notifications as a Service

Weather notifications can be requested from Foreca as a service. Foreca creates and maintains the notifications based on your specific needs. Notifications will be delivered as SMS or email messages to selected mobile phone numbers or email addresses. Tell us the locations and triggers, and we will tailor the service for you.

Foreca DSS Cloud Interface

Foreca Decision Support System (DSS) is a cloud-based system providing multiple weather monitoring tools for a variety of industries. Notifications can be incorporated to the system as a map-based tool. Coordinates for the notifications can be pinpointed on the map interface. The service is especially suitable for radio reporters by enabling them to track and share information about interesting weather conditions in crowded places, like upcoming rain or thunder in cities during festivals. The parameters can be tailored based on your specific needs.

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