Weather File Feed

Foreca Weather File Feed

Raw weather data batch files contain forecasts and current conditions updated on a continual basis for a fixed location list.

Foreca provides a raw weather data feed in an easy-to-use format that is ideal for integrating location-based weather information into proprietary systems. The feed is available as XML and delimited ASCII formats. The data contains weather information for up to 80.000 locations world-wide.


How Does It Work?

Foreca Weather Feed sends updated weather information as XML or ASCII files  every hour.

Weather Parameters Available

Depending on the package chosen (Standard, Premium), the feed contains current conditions data from relevant local weather stations and weather forecasts for up to 14 days. For special purposes, customised feeds are also available upon request.

Current Conditions

Current weather conditions are shown for the named locations based on the nearest weather stations. Foreca gathers the observation data only from the official SYNOP and METAR weather stations to ensure high-quality data. The file is updated at least every 15 minutes, but the update frequency of any given observation station's data depends on the transmitting frequency of the station, which typically varies between 10 minutes and 3 hours; there are also some manual stations that do not measure during the night. When we choose which stations to use, we try to ensure that the weather conditions are as close as possible to the ones at the location they represent. Optionally, the feed provides also the observations from the past day for selected stations and parameters.

Weather Parameters Standard Premium
Observation time Included Included
Weather station name Included Included
Temperature  Included Included
Foreca symbol code  Included Included
Distance to station Included Included
"Feels-like" temperature Included Included
Wind speed Included Included
Wind direction Included Included
Relative humidity Included Included
Air pressure Included Included
Visibility Included Included
Pressure tendency   Optional
Station type (SYNOP, METAR), station ID (EFHK, 2097)   Optional
Extended present weather code   Optional
Precipitation amount   Optional
Dew point   Optional
Cloud cover   Optional

Hourly Forecast

With hourly forecast data you are able to provide weather forecasts in one-hour-steps. Hourly forecast is adequate to show detailed weather forecast of the current day as a table or graphical module. Forecasts are updated at least four times per day.

Weather Parameters Standard Premium
Weather code and symbol   24 hour
Temperature   24 hour
"Feels-like" temperature   24 hour
Precipitation amount   24 hour
Wind speed   24 hour
Wind direction   24 hour
Relative humidity   24 hour
Air pressure   24 hour
Probability of precipitation   24 hour
Probability of thunder   24 hour
Cloudiness   24 hour
UV index (today + three days)   Optional
Solar radiation   Optional
Dew point   Optional
Last-updated time   Optional

Daily Overview Forecast

Daily forecast is a 24-hour summary of the day. The data is provided for the next 14 days, including the current day. Forecasts are updated at least four times per day.

Weather Parameters Standard Premium
Weather code and symbol 5 days 14 days
Daily forecasted high and low temperatures 5 days 14 days
Precipitation amount (rain or snow) 5 days 14 days
Wind speed maximum 5 days 14 days
Wind direction (at the time of maximum speed) 5 days 14 days
Probability of precipitation   14 days
Probability of thunder   14 days
Sunrise time, sunset time (local time or UTC)   14 days
Day length in minutes   14 days
Cloudiness   14 days
Moon phase   Optional
Moon rise/set time (local time or UTC)   Optional
UV index (today + three days)   Optional
Geomagnetic index   Optional
Air pressure   Optional
Sea water temperature   Optional
Last-updated time   Optional

5-Day Forecast

For the next five days, the feed contains all the most consumed weather parameters in 3- or 6-hour time steps depending on the chosen service level.

Weather Parameters Standard Premium
Weather code and symbol 6-hourly 3-hourly
Temperature 6-hourly 3-hourly
"Feels-like" temperature 6-hourly 3-hourly
Precipitation amount 6-hourly 3-hourly
Wind speed 6-hourly 3-hourly
Wind direction 6-hourly 3-hourly
Relative humidity 6-hourly 3-hourly
Air pressure 6-hourly 3-hourly
Probability of precipitation   3-hourly
Probability of thunder   3-hourly
Cloudiness   3-hourly
UV index (today + three days)   Optional
Solar radiation   Optional
Dew point   Optional
Last-updated time   Optional

30-Day Forecast

The following parameters are optionally provided for the next 30 days.

Weather Parameters Standard Premium
Day min temperature range (min-min, min-max)   Optional
Day max temperature range (min-min, min-max)   Optional
Precipitation probability   Optional
Weather icon   Optional
Sun rise/set/daylen   Optional
Day min/max temperature   Optional

More Information

More Information Standard Premium
Amount of locations world-wide 20.000 80.000
Weather data determined to be linked to No No
Foreca's logo must be shown next to the weather data Yes Yes
Complimentary images for weather code visualization (gif, png) Yes Yes


Foreca Weather Feed provides forecasts for up to 80.000 named locations. The needed locations can be chosen in your feed from among global and country packages. The global package contains 20.000 locations from all over the world. For dense local locations, the country packages offer more locations within the countries. The number of locations depends on the country. Some examples of the amounts are listed below. 

Some examples of country location sets:

  • Russia 3.900
  • Finland 400
  • Sweden 300
  • Germany 4.600
  • France 5.700
  • United Kingdom 2.300
  • United States 9.800
  • Spain 2.900
  • Italy 5.000

Global and Country packages can be combined. For example: Standard Global package with 20,000 location including 352 UK locations and UK Standard package with 2,300 UK locations (all the locations included in the Global package and over 1,800 additional locations). This combination provides complete coverage of the UK and all major locations globally.

Weather data as country sets


Our services are reasonably priced based on the customer use case, the service usage volume and amount of customisation work required. We would be happy to offer you our pricing quote after we have specified together your requirements for the service. Our value proposition is to always deliver a weather service that is a perfect fit for the customer need. To be able to focus on major customer projects currently we are not offering freemium services or short term project deliveries.

The Weather Feed is based on customers using HTTP polling to monitor forecast and observation files, which update at different intervals. Location metadata, such as coordinates and names in various languages, is provided in a separate static file. The files are either XML or delimited ASCII raw data, which is language-independent. We recommend that larger batch files be gzipped delimited ASCII, since typically, delimited ASCII files are faster and easier to parse, and gzip compression greatly reduces transfer times. For convenience (intended for smaller files), we can also provide the data as uncompressed XML or RSS. Foreca reserves the option to limit traffic to only predefined IP addresses.

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