Ski Resort Information

Foreca provides information about ski destinations through a location-based Ski Data Feed.

The Ski Feed delivers information from the nearest ski resorts to a given location. The service is ideal for car infotainment systems, media, travel agencies and other services reporting about points of interest.

Ski Resort Data

Ski Resort POI weather information

An example of ski resort information with atmospheric weather data.

You can request a list of possible ski resorts within a given radius around the user’s position. The response will contain general information about the resort, opening times and last reported conditions on the slopes:

  • Resort name
  • Resort contact information
  • Track and slope information and operational/opening status
  • Lift information and operational status
  • Up-to-date snow information
  • Links to resort maps
  • Links to resort-specific web cams, facebook page(s), and Youtube videos

Service Coverage

Foreca ski feed offers up-to-date information from over 2.000 global ski resorts. The feed updates continuously as new information is received from the resorts + other sources.

Ski resort information is currently available for Europe, North America, and Japan, but can be extended as necessary. A complete list of available resorts is available on request.


Data Delivery

The Foreca Ski Feed is provided as an XML feed, which is easy to process and quick to integrate into a web page or other channels at any time. Various visualization options can easily be implemented based on the provided data.

An atmospheric weather forecast for the covered resorts is also provided as part of the package.

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