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Foreca is a customer-driven weather company. We serve consumers, media houses and digital media companies delivering premium weather data for apps, websites, portals, displays and operating systems. Foreca is widely recognized for premium-quality forecasts, customer-responsiveness and speed of delivery.

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Our vision

is to be the global leader in digital weather for media.

We will achieve our vision by making weather information easily accessible, trustworthy and understandable for everyone 

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Our mission

is to help our media customers succeed in their businesses, and provide consumers with trustworthy and worthwhile insights into their local weather.

That said, we commit to provide unprecedented accuracy in weather forecasting by combining meteorological expertise with cutting-edge data science.

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Our value proposition

is to always deliver a weather service that is a perfect fit for the customer need.

By doing so, our customers can focus on their core business while we ensure they gain all the benefits of accurate weather information.

Forecast Quality

High-Quality Forecasts

Weather forecasts should be as accurate as possible. Everybody wants to avoid potentially harmful and hasty decisions and their negative consequences for their business. Read more about how we manage quality at Foreca and ensure state-of-art accuracy for our weather forecasts. Our quality management process is ISO9001 certified.

Forecast Quality

Forecast Quality

Our Customers

Our customers include some of the world’s best-known brands from media. Whether you are a multinational corporate giant or a young start-up – we will be the right fit.

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Forecast Quality

Privacy Policy

Foreca takes the privacy of its customers very seriously. Any personal information that you provide through this site will be dealt with in accordance with Foreca policy.

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