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Weather stations and related devices

Foreca provides the weather information to the device manufacturers. The manufacturers are in charge of delivering the weather information to the devices. Foreca has no control over these third party servers. If you receive the error message: "Cannot connect to server. Please try again later." or similar, contact retailer support. If you face technical or software problems with our device, please contact the retailer. Please find some of the retailers' support contact information below.

The Sharper Image® Internet Weather Station 5-Day Weather Forecaster


Phone: 1.888.856.6781 (Monday - Friday 8:30am - 7:00pm)

Ventus W.194 Advanced weather station with worldwide detailed forecast



Meteostanice Hyundai WS 2094 INTERNET


WF-5600 "4-Day Forecast" Weather Station with Local Data


HamaWDS-300 USB Weather Data Station