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Jun 19, 2017 - General

V-Traffic and Foreca Partner to Deliver Premium Road Weather Service to the Automotive Industry Across Europe

V-Traffic chooses FORECA to provide highly reliable information on driving conditions for the drivers. Read more

May 29, 2017 - General

Foreca Weather Service and Wake Dynamite to Collaborate in the Production of Real Time Advertising

Wake Dynamite and Foreca have agreed upon the utilisation of the weather data produced by Foreca as part of the Wake Dynamite service. Read more

Apr 28, 2017 - General

Mahindra & Mahindra India Launches Foreca Weather App Developed by OBIGO

Foreca Ltd - the leading digital weather service provider for automotive industry – is fostering its foothold in the Indian market in cooperation with OBIGO Inc, a leading Web Service company based in Korea. Read more

Mar 22, 2017 - General

Foreca Ltd Partners with Meteorological Service of New Zealand to Deliver Innovative Road Weather Services to NZ Transport Agency

Foreca Ltd and Meteorological Service of New Zealand (MetService) start to provide a state-of-the-art road weather service in New Zealand. Read more

Mar 14, 2017 - General

Manna Irrigation Signs Strategic Partnership with Foreca

Manna Irrigation Ltd, a leading provider of irrigation intelligence software solutions, signed a strategic partnership agreement with Foreca, a leading provider of digital weather data for business use worldwide. Read more

Mar 7, 2016 - General

Finnish electric buses serve as mobile testing platforms in the Helsinki region

Finnish electric buses will soon be acting as development platforms for smart mobility services in the Helsinki region, used for boosting the creation of new user-centric solutions and product development of businesses. Read more

Oct 30, 2015 - General

Foreca launches premium connected car weather services in over 40 countries

Foreca provides the BMW Group highly accurate digital weather forecast data, which is delivered to the drivers via BMW's ConnectedDrive Infotainment system. Read more

Jul 17, 2015 - General

RML brings Foreca's weather information to farmers in India

RML Information Services is a pioneering company specialized in providing mobile services for farmers in India. A collaboration of RML and Foreca will bring Foreca's weather forecasts to 1,4 million farmers across India's 18 states. Read more

Jun 19, 2017

V-Traffic and Foreca Partner to Deliver Premium Road Weather Service to the Automotive Industry Across Europe

V-Traffic chooses FORECA to provide highly reliable information on driving conditions for the drivers.

Paris, the 19th of June 2017V-Traffic chooses FORECA to provide highly reliable information on driving conditions for the drivers. V-Traffic, the real-time traffic information specialist, announces the new European V-Traffic RoadWeather service. In partnership with FORECA, global leader of digital and location based weather data, V-Traffic is now extending its RoadWeather service over Europe.

The new service informs drivers in real-time on weather phenomena that have an impact on driving conditions and may reduce road safety. V-Traffic RoadWeather service effectively warns drivers of weather risks and optimizes vehicles’ routes more intelligently. V-Traffic has long experience in providing real-time road weather for Automotive with Météo France in France and in the Nordics with the Finnish Meteorological Institute. Now the new service is available across Europe and built on detailed and accurate meteorological information provided by Foreca.

Helping drivers to be prepared …

V-Traffic RoadWeather service brings significant added value for driving safety by enabling drivers to notice and prepare for sudden changes in driving conditions. The new service is tracking weather related events classified by type and importance, and sends a clear and understandable warning to the driver. The road weather is by default calculated in 2km resolution and distinguishes main roads from secondary roads. Also special road structures like bridges are taken into account.

The service is based on an advanced road weather forecast and sophisticated driving condition codes provided by Foreca. V-Traffic’s expertise is in delivering traffic and incident information into the navigation, with well-known traffic delivery standards and formats such as TMC, TPEG and Connected. This allows the new service to be easily implemented in all vehicles using broadcasted or connected traffic services. Forecasting road weather is a demanding process going far beyond atmospheric weather forecasting. The new RoadWeather service combines the core expertise of both companies and is now available to the vehicle navigation systems making the travel safer, more predictable, and comfortable for the motorists.

… and making the car more intelligent

Fog, heavy rain, frozen pavement, snow, heavy side winds, and other weather conditions contribute to accidents according to many studies. Approximately 22% of the vehicle accidents are weather-related. The majority of weather-related accidents happen on wet pavement (73%) and during rainfall (46%). Weather also impacts road closures, access restrictions and speed reductions. Real-time updates inform motorists about the weather conditions on their route and enables them to react accordingly.

“Delivering smart weather content and services is essential. It is no longer just a question of broadcasting editorial information to vehicles. It must provide the most accurate and detailed information to ensure the safety of connected vehicles, increase user comfort. Intelligent vehicles already capture a wealth of weather-related data, road signs and ground markings. With V-Traffic RoadWeather, we rely on our know-how and that of FORECA as a respective leader in meteorological information and road weather forecasts for all road-users to gain in precision, reliability and safety.” Philippe GOUDAL, Data Science at V-Traffic.

“In fact, some basic weather features have been available in car infotainment systems for several years already, but to be honest - with limited added value. What is new, and what is actually the innovation here, is the smart way in combining the available data with relevant contextual information. As weather has a significant impact on the drivers - and also future autonomous vehicles - it needs to be connected with the journey and the immediate surroundings of the vehicle. You need both, highly accurate weather data as well as an intuitive and intelligent way to deliver that to the end user at the right time. It is not only about data quality and quantity, it is about being smart about how and when to inform the drivers. To make all this happen I am excited to announce our partnership combining two of the industry’s leading experts in their respective trades.” Petri Marjava, Sales Director at Foreca

A winning collaboration for a new generation of road weather service in Europe

The V-Traffic RoadWeather service is the result of close collaboration between Mediamobile, a leading real-time traffic information services provider under V-Traffic solutions, and FORECA, the global leader in road weather information.

The two actors have chosen to collaborate based on their respective know-how, technology and market presence. Both companies have over 20 years of specialized experience in their own fields. Foreca driving condition codes are based on Foreca’s Road Weather Model provided to and developed together with professional winter maintenance actors. Mediamobile has a strong expertise in the traffic industry with Automotive OEMs and media. Ease of use of the data and understanding the needs of automotive customers were key reasons for this co-operation.

The V-Traffic RoadWeather service will now reach higher quality and European-wide coverage. Road weather will become a new standard for V-Traffic’s traffic portfolio and will be a part of real-time traffic offering.

About V-Traffic

V-TrafficSolutions preserve driving pleasure, by making travel safer and more efficient, while delivering premium content. V-Traffic collects, analyses, refines and distributes European wide traffic information and mobility solutions. Quality, reliability and up-to-the-minute services are our key values. With over 20 years of experience Mediamobile as part of the TDF Group, has positioned itself to offer the safest and most useful traffic information for the comfort of all users anywhere, anytime, anyhow! Thanks to its presence in Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Finland, France, Norway, Poland, and Sweden, V-Traffic knows how to provide high quality services adapted to different local conditions.


Founded in 1996, Foreca is a leading provider of digital and location based weather data with global service coverage. Foreca has customers on six continents, many of them representing some of the world’s best-known media, automotive and professional service brands. Foreca is recognised for its devotion to premium forecast quality, passion for service excellence and solid trustworthiness. Additional information:

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