Foreca is a leading provider of digital weather data for business use  worldwide.

Foreca has a product and service portfolio ranging from ready-to-use graphical elements and applications to robust raw data interfaces and a proven capability to provide digital weather services anywhere in the world.

With long experience in digital weather services, Foreca is a technology leader in LBS weather data. Our interfaces support mobile applications with instant access and enable new innovative user interface designs. Support for coordinate point based queries and location name based searches in all major languages is available.

Our customers include some of the worlds largest and most advanced companies. Foreca is a trusted partner with experience and know-how dedicated to one goal: New revenue streams and lower costs for our customers through innovative use of weather data.

Foreca has offices in Helsinki, Stockholm and Moscow delivering services worldwide.


The high reliability of Foreca weather forecasts is based on our state-of-the-art utilisation of available weather models. Regarding the international verification results, Foreca is one of the most accurate weather forecast providers in the world. One of our key competencies is in over 5 day forecasts which requires the use of more innovative methods than in near hour's forecasts. The high quality of this particular competency ensures our leading position in the field.

Weather forecasts should be as accurate as possible to avoid harmful decisions and their possibly dire consequences. For over two decades, Foreca has closely cooperated with big clients, providing weather forecasts in a responsible, dependable manner.

Continually developing ever more accurate forecast methods will ensure Foreca's position as one of the most accurate and agile weather service providers in the world.

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Foreca - Realising the business potential of weather.