Weather Services for the Automotive Industry

Use Foreca Road Weather data to build innovative services for drivers.

Our services are ideal for the various connected car use cases, including: infotainment, navigation, usage-based insurance, fleet management and many others. We have road safety professionals, as well as a broad range of automotive industry customers, coming in from almost every continent, trusting Foreca with their business.

Connect the Weather

Driving conditions for connected cars

Driving Conditions

With 20+ years of road weather expertise, Foreca is the leader in professional road weather services. Our know-how in this field is one of the key differentiators when compared to other weather companies out there. The Road Weather dataset covers all weather-related phenomena that affect driving such as road surface conditions, visibility and rain.

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Atmospheric Weather Forecasts

Atmospheric Weather

Ideal for infotainment use: The atmospheric weather forecasts and real-time current conditions complete the Foreca Road Weather service. Data is available worldwide for any coordinate and always freshly calculated for your exact location, along your route, and for the final destination.

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Tailored road weather solutions

Tailored Services

Looking for more? Please just ask about our add-on features, which include weather maps, severe weather warnings, ski data, historical weather and more. If you ask our customers, they are very likely to mention flexibility, ease and speed of implementation as some of the key benefits in choosing Foreca.

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Get inspired of some example services for drivers shown in the video (no sound).

Key Benefits

Road weather service coverage

Service Coverage

Foreca Road Weather is currently available for Europe and North America. New regions can be added on request. Atmospheric weather data is available for any coordinate around the globe. Please don't hesitate to ask for more information.

High-quality road weather forecasts

Forecast Quality

Foreca is among the most accurate weather forecasts in the world. All our weather data is based on our in-house forecast models, aggregation of dozens of high quality data sources and state-of-the-art utilization of advanced weather data processing methods such as nowcasting. And please don't just take our word for it – ask for forecast verifications and see the facts for yourself.

Robust and scalable road weather services

Robust and Scalable

At the very core of our everyday business is serving customers from the high-volume digital media and mobile application industry. Service reliability and “always available” are fundamental principles to us. Our production is designed to support even the most demanding cases with up to billions of monthly API calls.

Foreca Road Weather Demo

Road Weather Demo

Got interested? – check it out yourself! Please go and check the two different live demos of Foreca Road Weather Service in your web browser.

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