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Feb 22, 2019 |
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Dynamical route optimisation service has been nominated for the innovation of the year

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Foreca is participating in a project of dynamical route optimisation for winter road maintenance initiated by SVEVIA, the largest road operation and maintenance company in Sweden. The new service originated from the project with the aim to digitize manual work started in 2016, has been nominated for the innovation of the year 2018.

Optimal routes and timing of the maintenance vehicles have a huge impact on cost savings in winter road maintenance. Probably the first time ever in the world, SVEVIA has been utilised dynamical route optimisation method in salt spreading in February 2019 in Enköping and Umeå, Sweden. The innovation dynamically optimises the routes for the maintenance vehicles based on the road weather forecast, salt amount and residual salt data provided by Foreca. The optimal routes are calculated by the software of B&M Systemutveckling and screened directly to the drivers from their in-vehicle mobile devices.

The innovation is differentiating from the traditional winter maintenance method where the maintenance actions are decided manually by monitoring the road weather forecasts. In the new method, the routes are suggested automatically by the system, saving time from the in-vehicle weather monitoring even in constantly changing weather conditions, and resourcing made by the supervisors. However, SVEVIA supervisors are using Foreca MDSS alongside the B&M system to visually understand the weather conditions behind the suggested routes and confirm those to the truck drivers.

The winter road maintenance methods are radically evolved during the recent years, first by the interactive route-based forecasts and residual salt information introduced by Foreca MDSS, or Foreca snow accumulation service for Finnish transportation agency, and now the route-based weather information utilised as data in the dynamical route optimisation system. The new method aiming to digitize old methods, is now nominated for the innovation of the year 2018 in the competition organized by Svenska Byggbranschens Utvecklingsfond (SBUF), the construction industry's organization for research and development.


Elina Heed, Country Manager, Sweden. Tel. +46 8 400 22 351


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