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Dec 13, 2017 |
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Foreca Opens a New Office in Munich

Foreca, a Finnish weather company specialised in road weather, has opened a new office in Germany to support its growing Central European customer base. Particularly important for Foreca is the local presence in the very heart of the automotive industry.

Fast growing market trends including connected cars, infotainment and the future autonomous driving are creating an increasing demand for Foreca driving condition forecasts and advanced road weather services, initially developed for the professional road winter maintenance over the last 20 years. As the connectivity in personal cars is becoming common, the accurate road weather forecasts can be utilised to inform drivers in real-time about hazardous driving conditions ahead.

“This is indeed a very interesting time to work in a weather business with strong focus on automotive. Cars and mobility as we know them today will be facing major transformation during the next five to ten years. Both humans and machines will require more and more pinpoint accurate information about their surroundings and changing environmental conditions. To support this trend Foreca will be co-creating the future now even closer to our customers and partners in Central Europe. Also on a more personal level I am excited about our plans here in Germany as a long-term fan of German culture, language and “a certain local Bundesliga club”, says Petri Marjava, Sales Director and Country Manager, Germany.

Foreca Road Weather to Lead the Way

The automotive industry is one of the strategic focus areas for Foreca's operations in Central Europe, and Foreca's future plans in this segment are backed by a unique set of services specifically designed for the drivers.

Foreca Road Weather service has the capability to provide real-time information as well as driving condition forecasts to any coordinate point in the world. The Road Weather API delivers information about the state of the road surface, visibility and atmospheric weather events that have an effect on the safety and convenience of the driver. The driver will be informed for the whole duration of the journey along the chosen route.

All weather phenomena that affect driving conditions are simplified into one smart variable, which we call the driving condition code. Road surface condition (dry, wet, icy, …), precipitation amount and type, visibility and many other parameters are considered. A driving condition code is chosen to represent the most significant phenomenon that is measured or forecast to be present.

Read more about driving condition forecasts

Try out Foreca’s route demo of driving condition forecasts for German roads.

Foreca Germany

The Foreca Germany office is located at Dachauer Str. 278, 80992 München. Foreca’s head office is located in Espoo, Finland and our global weather forecasting centres with a team of meteorologists are located in Espoo and Stockholm, Sweden. Our local and international customer service teams are located in Espoo, Stockholm, Moscow, and now also in Munich.

Additional Information

Contact: Petri Marjava, Sales Director, Foreca, tel. +49 176 4614 9012,

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