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Nov 2, 2017 |
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Foreca Demonstrates Road Weather Use Cases at TU Automotive Europe 2017

Foreca is participating in TU Automotive Europe 2017, the largest Connected Car conference and trade fair in Munich, November 6-7.

We warmly welcome all visitors to meet us at our booth #28 to have a chat and to be inspired by our various demonstrations of the next generation automotive weather services.

Route Based Road Weather for Navigation and Optimal Route Planning

Foreca will publish a new route weather demo based on our driving condition forecasts at TU Automotive Europe 2017. The new demo is illustrating our driving condition forecasts, provided to our customers via our road weather API and mapped along a selected route. The new navigation based demo interface is made on real-time road weather forecast data for German road network.

Foreca driving condition forecast gives information on potential weather hazards such as road slipperiness (e.g. wet, icy, snowy roads), visibility (fog, blowing snow, heavy rain etc.) and other challenging weather conditions like strong winds or damaging hail along a selected route.

In addition to informing and notifying drivers (or future autonomous vehicles), Foreca driving condition forecasts are suitable also for fleet management, automotive insurance, winter maintenance and other road traffic related industries. We are pleased to welcome you to see our demonstration first hand at the TU Automotive Europe. We look very much forward to discussing together your ideas for new innovative and value-adding services using road weather data.

Demonstration for Fleet Management and Autonomous Driving


Driving conditions as a map platform service helps fleet management in monitoring the optimal routes and making the right routing decisions. Using the same underlying techniques, a hyper local road condition and friction map dataset will be a necessary enabler for the future of autonomous driving.

New Ideas for Automotive Insurance

Insurance mockup2

Usage Based Insurance (UBI) and preventive insurance are growing trends where Foreca’s driving condition codes can provide extra information and options for new services or cost savings.

Driving behaviour analysis can be enriched and matched with accurate driving conditions data, helping to identify drivers who constantly tend to drive in hazardous conditions and how these conditions affect their driving behaviour.

Preventive and proactive notifications about upcoming hazardous driving conditions give drivers helpful information when planning their next morning’s commute or other route plans. From the insurance companies’ perspective, this service reduces unnecessary road accidents and insurance claims from their customers.

Connected Cars as Sensors

Foreca has conducted long-term research and development work to evaluate potential new data sources to further enhance the accuracy and quality of Foreca Road Weather forecasts. These R&D efforts have lead Foreca to use vehicle sensor data already today both in production use and for improving our proprietary Road Weather model.

Some of our advanced customer implementations include calculating road weather data with a resolution as accurate as tens of meters. As the size of the connected fleet is rapidly growing, we expect both commercial and professional vehicles to be an important additional data source in the future of weather forecasting.

We are always happy to discuss potential partnerships and welcome you to meet us if you think your fleet or product also could be used to benefit the future of Road Weather forecasting.

How are the Road Weather Forecasts Made?

Above we gave you a couple of examples on actual use cases where our customers use Foreca Road Weather Data, and we also introduced you to some of the underlying science and techniques.

You might be wondering how on earth all this is done! Well, if it’s difficult to fully grasp the complex process of how the atmosphere works and how weather forecasts are made nowadays, the topic of forecasting the road conditions goes far beyond that.

We are very happy to take on the challenge and explain to you how all this actually happens. You are most welcome to visit our booth #28 at TU Automotive Europe 2017. See you there!

About Foreca

Foreca is a Finnish-based company specialised in road weather and digital location based services with 20+ years of experience in the business. We provide weather forecasting services to our professional B2B customers worldwide.

Additional Information:

Petri Marjava, Sales Director, Foreca, tel. +358 50 312 3052,

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