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Sep 21, 2017 |
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Welcome to the brand new Foreca Weather Business Blog

Hi, it is great to see you here. I am proud to welcome you as a visitor to the new Foreca website as well as to the brand new Foreca Weather Business Blog.

When designing the new Foreca Web we tried always to keep you - the Customer - in the centre of it all. From these pages we hope you will find all relevant information on our company and our services. And of course to be able to easily get in touch with the right experts to help you with all your weather service needs.

We also hope the articles we are going to publish in this blog, will inspire you. We try to share our expertise and give ideas where and how you might want to use weather and most importantly create new business or add value to your customers. That's the thing that really makes the difference after all.

Great services are done by great People

As with all things new there is always the beginning. And with most new beginnings follow also new challenges to master. For me personally this is my first professional blog text I have written. When thinking of a suitable subject for my first blog post I was first a bit puzzled. What would be an interesting topic for the readers? After pondering it for a while it became obvious for me, the topic needs to be the People. The people at Foreca I have the pleasure of working with and most importantly, who are the people working for you? After all, I have always been a people-person so this is the most natural topic for me to start with.

Now I warmly welcome you to get to know us a bit better.

Foreca celebrates it's 20 years anniversary this year. During the three past decades our team has been helping customers both domestic and international with broad spectrum of different kinds of weather needs. As of today we are around 40 weather professionals working from our three offices in Finland, Sweden and Russia. We have organised ourselves under three different departments: sales, tech & development and meteorologists, all of which working very closely together.

I personally have the privilege to work with the team of seven highly skilled B2B sales professionals. Half of our sales team members have a meteorological background, which is a great asset in understanding both sides of the coin: The business as well as the fascinating science of weather forecasting. The Foreca Sales team is taking care of customers coming from six different continents, so basically around the world. In addition, very different areas of industries are served: most of us are specialised in at least one of Foreca's strategic customer focus groups. These include: digital media, mobile application development, automotive and winter maintenance road weather services.

Meet the Team

To wrap up my first blog post I am happy to introduce you our sales and customer care team:

Annika Franck

Annika is our expert specialised in finding best weather solutions for mobile app and software developers. I might argue you haven’t experienced what is truly a great customer service before you have worked with Annika.

Elina Heed

Elina is our country manager for Sweden and team lead for our winter maintenance customer segment. She has a solid understanding of how different businesses can benefit from use of innovative weather services.

Ingrid Erin

Ingrid is working from our Sweden office helping domestic and international customers from energy and media business among others. She is also a professional meteorologist so you can count on her expertise also during a rainy day.

Tiina Asula

Tiina is our weather guru in all things digital media. She takes care of many of Foreca's key accounts and has experience working with customers across all industries and cultures. In case you are interested in sailing (or Chinese culture) – Tiina's got you covered.

Dmitry Nikiforov

Dmitry leads Foreca's business in Russia and CIS countries. I might argue you rarely meet a weather sales guy who understands the science and the customer applications in such detail Dmitry does. He's specialised in applications for media, mobile & SW developers and agriculture among other things.

Markus Mäntykannas

Markus is an all-around-expert working mostly with our winter maintenance, media and weather training customers. Markus also works as a part-time meteorologist and you might already know him from the television weather shows. If you are into cool weather photos please be sure to follow @forecaweather and @markustravels in Instagram.

Petri Marjava

Petri is your go-to-man in weather things automotive. In case you'd like to understand how road weather forecasts can help both drivers and autonomous vehicles, don’t hesitate to reach out for a chat. In addition Petri is always excited to brainstorm potential future weather innovations in IoT, retail or basically any thing you can think of.

In the very heart of Foreca's values is trustworthiness and approachability. So please don't hesitate to get to know us in person. We would be delighted to meet and treat you for a cup of coffee to discuss how we might help your business to grow with Foreca weather. Just let us know what works best for you.

- Petri Marjava, Sales Director

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