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Sep 26, 2017 |
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Foreca Works with Harris Corporation to Improve the Accuracy of Road Weather Forecasts

Foreca Works with Harris to Provide High-Quality Road Weather Forecasts Enabled by Helios® Traffic Camera Analysis Technology.

Foreca, a Finnish weather company specializing in road weather, improves the accuracy of its road weather forecasts with traffic camera image analysis technology provided by Harris Corporation, a leading technology innovator. The Helios® environmental intelligence platform by Harris enables traffic and other cameras to function as weather sensors, providing observational ground truth of the prevailing road weather and automated alerts for changing conditions. The observations and alerts, based on real-time image analysis and machine learning, are essential especially when and where the measurements from road weather stations are not available.

The quality of weather forecasts partially depends on the availability of quality observation data. To this end, Foreca actively seeks new up-to-date data sources. Starting the cooperation with Harris in the following winter season 2017-2018 in selected countries, Foreca incorporates the observation data from Helios® to Foreca Road Weather Forecasting Model. The higher density observations will improve the current state analysis of the road conditions as well the quality and accuracy of Foreca road weather forecasts in Europe.

Helios® instantaneously identifies and classifies changes in road weather conditions by analyzing imagery from thousands of existing public and private video cameras using a combination of machine learning and traditional image processing science. The real-time image analysis technology indicates if dry, wet, partial snow or full snow conditions were detected on the road surface. The system also provides information of atmospheric conditions along the road network, for instance about visibility or heavy precipitation.

"The accuracy of road weather forecasts is crucial especially for our customers in the fields of road winter maintenance and connected cars. The more observations we get, the more reliable forecasts we are able to provide with the companies working for the road safety. That said, the additional data we are able to receive from Harris, and process in our forecasting model, is again one important step forward for all road users." Marko Moilanen, VP Business Development of Foreca.

As a part of the cooperation, Foreca provides Helios with harmonized imagery from thousands of cameras, along with supplementary weather information that will help in image interpretation. The data will then be incorporated into the Helios network.

“What happens in the atmosphere is not what always happens on the ground,” said Eric M. Dixon, senior product manager for Harris Corporation Space and Intelligence Systems. “We’re turning traffic and other cameras into weather sensors by applying data analytics that detect road conditions and notify when there are changes. The need for accurate ground-truth observations for many applications depending on localized weather data is essential. For example, validated weather conditions support the growing popularity of autonomous vehicles by adding another layer of safety.

“Working with Foreca helps Harris continue to demonstrate our commitment to building state-of-the-art technology that supports public safety,” Dixon added.

About Foreca
Foreca has 20+ years of experience in providing weather and road weather forecasts for business and consumer use around the globe. Today, we deliver a broad range of weather services for our business customers on six contents, representing a great variety of industries. Foreca road weather services are trusted by professional winter maintenance authorities and automotive industry from car navigation to fleet management.

About Harris Corporation
Harris Corporation is a leading technology innovator, solving customers’ toughest mission-critical challenges by providing solutions that connect, inform and protect. Harris supports government and commercial customers in more than 100 countries and has approximately $6 billion in annual revenue. The company is organized into three business segments: Communication Systems, Electronic Systems and Space and Intelligence Systems. Learn more at

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Marko Moilanen, VP Business Development of Foreca, Tel +358-20-1101-731,

Eric M. Dixon, Sr. Product Manager, Space and Intelligence Systems, Harris Corporation, Tel +1-571-419-0564,

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