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May 29, 2017 |
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Foreca Weather Service and Wake Dynamite to Collaborate in the Production of Real Time Advertising

Wake Dynamite and Foreca have agreed upon the utilisation of the weather data produced by Foreca as part of the Wake Dynamite service.

The agreement between Wake Dynamite and Foreca was signed in good weather at the Foreca ‘tower’ in Keilaranta, Espoo. (In the photo: Tarja Finni, Petri Marjava (in the middle) and Atte Varsta).

The Wake Dynamite service enables the production of dynamic real time advertisements on all digital channels in both linear and VOD TV commercials. The real time weather data produced by Foreca provides media house advertisers with the opportunity to create even more relevant and effective advertising content.

‘In Finland, weather has always been – and always will be – one of the central conversational topics and variables guiding human activities. With the aid of the real time Foreca weather data, advertisers using the Wake Dynamite service can allocate their advertising content even more accurately. We believe that in future the Foreca weather data will occupy a significant role in the operations of the advertiser-customers. We know that collaborating with Foreca will be smooth and pleasant. We value highly the expertise and attitude at Foreca and the extremely nice professionals that work there’, state the Wake Dynamite CEO Atte Varsta and Customer Manager Tarja Finni.

‘We here at Foreca are excited about becoming a part of the Wake Dynamite growth story that has begun so well and, at the same time, about bringing Finnish expertise to the world together. In the midst of the ever expanding information and message explosion, the consumer requires even more focused and topical advertising. Together with Wake Dynamite, Foreca has created an extremely innovative and effective tool to meet precisely this need. Ever since the beginning, one of the central starting points for planning has been the creation of an internationally scalable service. Foreca has the ability to produce digital weather control for the customers of the Wake Dynamite service all around the world. One of the megatrends in the field of marketing is an even broader utilisation of data and analytics, of which the service offered by Wake Dynamite is a very good example. When an advertisement is as relevant as it can be, it can even be perceived as a service – and in this scenario both the advertising producers and consumers benefit’, says Foreca’s Sales Director Petri Marjava cheerfully.

Wake Dynamite Oy is a Valve Group spin-off which became operational at the beginning of the year. In November 2016, the service won the Think Ink innovation competition organised by the Finnish Media Federation. In addition, the service has evoked wide interest abroad, and the company considers its international marketing potential to be significant.

Foreca is a Finnish full-service weather data provider which provides informative and innovative weather services to every part of the world. Foreca is a pioneer in the field of digital weather services. Since the beginning, Foreca has also taken the needs of advertisers and sponsors into consideration in the development of their weather products.

Additional information:

Atte Varsta, CEO, Wake Dynamite, tel. +358 40 668 6002,

Petri Marjava, Sales Director, Foreca, tel. +358 50 312 3052,

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