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Oct 30, 2015 |
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Foreca launches premium connected car weather services in over 40 countries

Foreca provides the BMW Group highly accurate digital weather forecast data, which is delivered to the drivers via BMW's ConnectedDrive Infotainment system.

Foreca Ltd - the leading digital weather service provider - has signed an agreement with BMW AG to provide a premium weather service for BMW drivers. The new Foreca weather content was launched in October 2015 for all BMW ConnectedDrive users in more than 40 countries worldwide.

The BMW brand is renowned for its appreciation of innovation and uncompromised high quality. “Since its inception, Foreca has done meticulous research and development work to be able to provide digital weather data of the highest quality. For the automotive industry this translates to a safer driving experience”, explains Mr. Petri Marjava, Sales Director for Foreca Ltd. “The key focus of Foreca’s R&D efforts in recent years has been the tailoring of weather data for automotive and navigational use. Our unique capabilities in forecasting for a short period ahead, so called nowcasting, are crucial for road weather and make the difference when compared with traditional weather forecasting”, Marjava adds.

Foreca provides the BMW Group highly accurate digital weather forecast data, which is delivered to the drivers via BMW´s ConnectedDrive Infotainment system. Drivers are able to assess the weather conditions both at their current location and at the final destination of their journey. Forecast data can be provided for any location in the world. There are several ways to access the weather information via BMW ConnectedDrive: It is shown on the navigation map and as an Infotainment widget with a detailed current day view and a 5-day outlook. Additionally, you can view weather radar images or play an animation to see where it is raining or snowing at that particular time.

Sudden and unexpected changes in the weather can provide tough challenges for even the most skilled of drivers. Regardless of whether the sun is shining or a storm is about to break – Foreca and BMW ConnectedDrive will always keep you up to date on the weather forecast.

About Foreca

Founded in 1996, Foreca is now the leading digital and location based weather data provider with global service coverage. Foreca has customers in six continents, many of them representing some of the world´s best-known media, automotive and professional service brands. Foreca is recognised for its devotion to excellent forecast quality, passion for service excellence and solid trustworthiness.

For more information:

Mr. Petri Marjava
Sales Director, Foreca Ltd
Mobile: +358 50 312 3052

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