Mobile and Navigation Solutions

With extensive experience in digital weather services, Foreca is a technology leader in LBS weather data. Our interfaces support mobile applications with instant access and enable new innovative user interface designs. Support for coordinate point based queries and location name based searches in all major languages is available.


Foreca service for navigation offers a unique interface which can be used to get a weather forecast for any location globally just based on the coordinates. Our services include dedicated online query systems, which return accurate online and localised weather information which can easily be integrated into any system or application.

With the help of Foreca NaviFeed, any connected navigation device can give up-to-date weather forecasts for your final destination, and en route, anywhere you go. No more irrelevant forecasts for cities far away from you. With Foreca NaviFeed you get accurate weather forecasts right where you are, or for where you are heading to.

Foreca NaviFeed is based on coordinates, hence the number of spots is unlimited which makes it perfect for navigation devices. We can offer all of our services as white label solutions as well.

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Weather interests everyone and so it is a great add-on to any mobile application. I In the USA, it is the most frequently browsed content on mobile devices and one of the most sponsored content in any media.

Foreca provides accurate and informative weather parameters as raw data based on either location or the name of the place. Raw data in XML language allows mobile app developers to take advantage of the weather information in any way they like. , Additionally, our ready-made weather maps and symbols will make it easy for you to provide great apps.

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Examples of apps using Foreca weather feeds:

eWeather iPhone app

eWeather iPhone App

Fahrenheit iPhone App

Weather+ iPhone App

Foreca Weather information is currently available through several apps in Android, Apple iOS, WP7 and Windows 8. To learn more about Foreca products for mobile phones, click here.


Useful products for developing quality weather services:

NaviFeed: weather data feed in XML based on coordinates.

NameFeed: weather data feed in XML based on named places.

BatchXML: forecasts and current conditions for a fixed location list.