Solutions for Media Houses

Foreca provides large scale customised weather services for media houses. Weather is one of the most important forms of content in any media. Foreca's services are very suitable for digital media channels but we provide for traditional media as well.

Since weather information changes daily, it is one of the most efficient ways to ensure that users return to your website. All Foreca's weather products are designed to keep in mind the needs of advertisers or third party sponsors. Advertising can easily be added to Foreca's weather products.

Together with our partners we can provide you with a comprehensive package which includes both weather content and advertising engine.



Weather information is among the most visited services on websites.The main users of the internet weather services are between 20 to 55 years old. Therefore, by combining weather with advertising a very large number of people can be reached with just one or two clicks.

Weather information searchers are often interested in outdoor activities, culture, travelling, nature and health. Many of them purchase services or products via webshops.

Foreca provides a full range of weather products for your website. Attractive graphical layout with interactive user experience (FlashWeather) enrich the visits to your website.

Our products range from affordable standard packages to fully tailored turn-key solutions for the world's largest portals.

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Weather is the one of the most value added services for people on the move. With good and attractive weather content, updated frequently, you can ensure large numbers of loyal subscribers. Your faithful users will create more traffic and downloads. Foreca wireless weather services clearly offer great content for mobile advertising.

Our products for Wireless Media range from state-of-the-art graphical weather applications to browsing solutions and traditional SMS and MMS services.

Foreca provides mobile weather services globally. No matter where you are, our mobile weather service makes it easy to get accurate and up-to-date weather information directly to your mobile phone. For operators, mobile weather services are a steady revenue generator. Foreca provides current conditions, satellite images, radar images, and weather forecasts in many different formats and languages.

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For TV we offer automated weather animations with Flash technology. The service package is generated by integrating Foreca's automatic production system and advanced weather graphics. With Foreca TV weather products it is easy to create a unique and competitive weather show for TV channels, cable TV stations and digital TV channels.

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For radio stations, real-time weather information is a necessity. For radio station reporters Foreca can provide a special Extranet connection with additional information of radar images, animations of the weather and observations.

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Foreca's newspaper products are innovative and easy to implement. The service includes weather maps and symbols and observations in text or table formats. Complete weather pages are compiled automatically and efficiently from various text and picture template files. The files are delivered via the internet in a readytoprint EPS format. Both Foreca weather maps and symbols or newspaper graphics can be used.

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