Digital Signage

Foreca provides attractive and informative weather products for Digital Signage. Choose from ready-made graphical modules or design your own graphics with Foreca’s flexible feeds and weather symbols.

Foreca’s digital signage weather will grab the attention of your target audience and strengthen your message. Advertisers will benefit from the increased attention value of your screens.

Foreca's new family of Digital Signage products offers an attractive way of displaying weather content on digital screens. Ranging from ready-to-use Digital Signage weather products for customers who are looking for complete content solutions to XML data - feeds for customers who are using their own graphics interface; we can provide the right solution for your company.


  • Global service, expand your coverage to any territory or location
  • Attractive ready-made graphical modules
  • Continually updated information
  • Design your own graphics around Foreca symbols
  • Robust, highly reliable service with full support


  • Up to 14-day forecasts
  • Current conditions data
  • Maps, animations and forecasts as ready-made graphics
  • Full set of parameters available
  • Includes a choice of symbols for easy integration


  • Signage networks
  • Airport and information screens
  • In-store screens
  • Outdoor screens


  • Complete and ready-to-use graphical content modules
  • Data feeds with full flexibility to implement your own solution and graphic




LocalWeather products

Foreca LocalWeather widgets are ready-made modules and designed in HTML5.

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Weather Maps

All the maps can be animated or still images. Rain radar, satellite and forecasts maps are delivered in PNG, JPEG or GIF formats.

  • Rain radar maps
  • Satellite images maps
  • Symbol maps
  • Rain/precipitation maps
  • Cloudiness maps
  • Temperature maps
  • Wind maps
  • Air pressure maps

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Graphical Modules

Easy to integrate graphical modules. The standard aspect ratio is 16:9, 1366x768 pixels and various image formats are available. Still and animated images are available.

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FEEDS - Design the weather widget yourself

Foreca BatchXML feed contains all the weather information you need as a raw data to design your own weather widget for info screens yourself.

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Weather maps and satellite images are delivered in PNG or similar bitmap format with metadata in accompanying XML.

The BatchXML feed is based on customers using HTTP polling to monitor forecast and observation files, which update at different intervals. Location meta data, such as coordinates and names in various languages, is provided in a separate static file. The files are either XML or delimited ASCII raw data, which is language independent. We recommend that larger batch files be gzipped delimited ASCII, since typically the delimited ASCII files are faster and easier to parse and gzip compression greatly reduces transfer times. For convenience (intended for smaller files) we can also provide the data as uncompressed XML, or RSS. Foreca reserves the option to limit traffic to only predefined IP adresses.