Foreca NameFeed service is a location name based API that provides weather forecasts, current conditions and weather animations for over 140,000 locations in the world. Replies are XML or delimited ASCII formatted.

The interface is suitable for integrating weather information into mobile applications, web applications or any other application which can receive and visualise xml formatted weather data. The name based location search is multilingual for both queries and replies, and is able to intelligently suggest likely alternatives for misspelt or incomplete names.


  • Global service, no need for predefined lists
  • Handpicked location list for better relevance
  • Supports queries in 17 languages
  • Continually updated information
  • Ideal for search boxes
  • Mobile search and maps (Premium package)
  • Robust, highly reliable service with full support


  • Up to 14-day forecasts
  • Current conditions data
  • Maps (Premium package)
  • Full set of parameters available
  • IP Based location lookup (optional module)
  • Includes a choice of symbols for easy integration


  • Websites
  • Mobile services
  • Professional / Industrial uses
  • Weather portals
  • Interactive weather services



Entry Package

The Entry package offers quick access to world-wide weather data and is suited for public and open services. The package includes a 3-day overview forecast with the following parameters per day:

  • Weather code and symbol
  • Daily forecasted high and low temperatures

When weather data is presented to endusers, it has to be linked to or for further weather details. Foreca's logo must also be shown next to the weather data. Service is provided AS-IS and no SLA commitments apply. Includes 250,000 queries per month.

Standard Package

The Standard package offers current conditions and weather forecasts for any location world-wide. Forecast length can be chosen freely as described below and all parameters described in this document are available. Foreca's logo must be shown next to the weather data, but linking to is not required. Includes 500,000 queries per month. Service availability is 99% per month.

Premium Package

The Premium package adds mobile weather images and animations, and all Standard package features are also included. Foreca's logo must be shown next to the weather data. Linking to is not required. Includes 1,000,000 queries per month. Service availability is 99,5% per month.

IP lookup

NameFeed also has an optional IP lookup module. When enabled, it allows querying for weather content based on an IP address. Such a query will cause a GeoIp lookup, and will return weather from the closest relevant location for the provided IP.


Name Feed Packages
Entry Standard Premium
Daily overview forecast
weather code and symbol 3 days 10 days 14 days
daily forecasted high and low temperatures 3 days 10 days 14 days
precipitation sum for the 24-hour period (in mm) 10 days 14 days
wind speed maximum (in m/s, mph, km/h, or knots) 10 days 14 days
wind speed average (in m/s, mph, km/h, or knots) 10 days 14 days
probability of precipitation, day/night 14 days
sun rise time 14 days
sun set time 14 days
day length in minutes 14 days
UV index based on the global ozone forecast model 14 days
average cloudiness optional
thunder probability optional
last-updated time optional
detailed short forecast
weather code and symbol 6-hourly 6-hourly
temperature 6-hourly 3-hourly
"feels-like" temperature 6-hourly 6-hourly
wind speed (in m/s, mph, km/h, or knots) 6-hourly 6-hourly
wind direction (N, NE, E, ..., or pictures) 6-hourly 6-hourly
precipitation sum 6-hourly 6-hourly
solar radiation optional
relative humidity optional
Current conditions
observation station name (e.g. London Heathrow)
distance to the observation station from the chosen location
observation time
"feels-like" temperature
Foreca symbol code
wind speed (in m/s, kmph, km/h, or knots)
wind direction (N, NE, E, ...)
air pressure (in hPa, e.g. 1012hPa)
relative humidity (in percentages, e.g. 87%)
visibility (in meters, e.g. 10,000)
Mobile graphical animations
Radar images show the real-time movement of precipitation (rain/snow) detected by weather radars
Satellite images show the movement of clouds photographed from space by weather satellites
Symbol maps provide an overview forecast with graphical icons and temperatures
Temperature forecast maps use coloured contours to show the forecasted temperatures
Precipitation forecast maps use coloured contours to show the forecasted rain/snow
Cloudiness forecast maps use coloured contours to show the forecasted cloudiness
Wind forecast maps use arrows and numbers to show the direction and speed of wind
Location names on map as a transparent overlay (several languages are supported)
available zoom levels for maps 5
Amount of locations world-wide 140,000 140,000 140,000
queries included per month 250,000 500,000 1,000,000
IP lookup module Optional Optional Optional
weather data determined to be linked to Yes No No
Foreca's logo must be shown next to the weather data Yes Yes Yes
sample PHP code and complimentary images for visualization of weather codes (gif, png) Yes Yes Yes

NOTE: NameFeed currently has more weather parameters than the NaviFeed offering, due to some technological trade-offs that make possible NaviFeed's amazing coordinate based weather forecasts for a truly unlimited number of locations.



NameFeed is based on HTTP queries, which are sent to Foreca's servers. Locations are identified by a Foreca location ID and the service offers an API for searching locations by name. For US locations, a ZIP code search is also supported.

Replies are XML or delimited ASCII formatted. The weather information itself is language neutral data, but for location searches the supported languages are: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (both EU and Brazil), Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Polish, Thai, Japanese, Chinese (simplified), Dutch, Hindi, Czech, and Latin. The location search API automatically searches for matches in all of the supported languages, replies are returned in the requested language.

Customers must relay queries from end users/devices via central proxy servers. Foreca will open access to the query interface only for specified IP address(es).

The service assumes a random distribution of queries, i.e. it is not allowed to use NameFeed for batch mode querying of a large number of places in a busy loop. Any batch mode querying must include a 1 s delay between queries (1 QPS).