Local Weather

LocalWeather widgets provide up-to-date weather information and animations for internet visitors or digital screen end users. HTML5 based animations allow smartphone and tablet users to view stylish weather graphics right on their device.

The weather information covers the whole world letting you choose from over 140,000 locations. Ready-made modules are fast and easy to implement on any website. Light design ensures that widgets can be read comfortably, and are easily incorporated into your company brand.



Foreca provides a stack of widgets from which you can choose those best suitable for your needs. Pictured below are some examples and some modifications can be done:

LocalWeather Slides

LocalWeather Slides are optimal for sites where weather information is needed from several places but space is limited. The chosen locations are either floating automatically or by click. An automatically sliding deck grabs the web visitor's attention and provides him/her with all the main weather information.

Click here to view demo.

LocalWeather Icon Row

LocalWeather Icon Row gives you a 48-hour weather forecast for a the chosen location at a glance. Alternatively, you can choose steps in days up to a 14-day forecast.  Animated weather symbols are both attractive and informative.

Click here to view demo

LocalWeather Icon Row Plus

The Plus feature allows you to view the current weather conditions and the precise forecast information at the same time. Details like humidity, air pressure and visibility give you the full picture regarding the prevailing weather.

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LocalWeather Mini Chart

Mini Chart is a wonderful widget, enabling you to view temperature, precipitation and wind forecast without loosing much space from your websites. Move your cursor on the chart and see how the weather icons show the forecast at any time step. Weather icons can be shown either below or above the chart.

Click here to view demo 

LocalWeather Wide Chart

Wide Chart shows 3-day forecasts in detail without the need to click or slide the view, which makes it the ideal choice for info screens.

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LocalWeather Icon Map

The Icon Map shows the weather conditions for a whole local area, for example an entire country or part of it. You have the option to choose the LocalWeather Rain Map along with the Icon Map to show rain intensity on the map layer.

By clicking on any part of the map you can focus on a local area. Combining the Icon Map and the Mini Chart, you can select cities by clicking on the map and see the weather forecast information from the chart alongside it.

Click here to view demo


LocalWeather Search Bar

Locations for the widget can be set by default or by using the Search Bar alongside it. With Search Bar you can easily find the location you are looking for anywhere in the world. The light design fits easily next to the widget and predictive text input makes it easy and fast to use.






Delivery format

Foreca hosted HTML5. All the major internet browsers supported.

Units: Temperature: Celcius, Fahrenheit; Rain: mm, inch; Windspeed: m/s, km/h, mph; Relative humidity: %; Pressure: hPa, mmHg; Visibility: m, km, mi.

Delivery method

Foreca hosts the content, customer site integration with IFRAME.

Possible modifications

  • Forecast in 6-hour steps or in days
  • Places can be set by default or by using Search Bar alongside the widget
  • Background of the widget can be in color or transparent
  • Units can be chosen (i.e. Celsius / Fahrenheit)
  • Widget sizes can be tailored with some exceptions