Climate Data

Actual weather forecasts all have a relatively short range. When information about probable weather is needed, climate data is used instead. For the websites wishing to inform their visitors about likely weather months in advance, Foreca climate data provides an attractive solution. For consumers information about precipitation and temperature is usually especially interesting.


  • Annual weather statics at a glance
  • Attractive graphics
  • World-wide coverage


  • Ready-to-use interface
  • Multilingual solutions
  • Available in ready-made graphics
  • Hosted and updated by Foreca


  • Travel agencies
  • Hotel chains
  • Web portals
  • Media houses



Foreca offers ready-made visualisations of climate data. Simple to use and implement, Foreca climate data tables are available for all Foreca forecast locations (over 150,000) world-wide. Based on measurements at official weather observation sites, Foreca climate data tables offer accurate information about daily or monthly average temperatures and precipitation in an easy to use format.

Climate data available

Climate data is available for all Foreca forecast locations (US and International)

Parameters available (on monthly basis):

  • Average high temperatures
  • Average low temperatures
  • Average precipitation

For US locations (over 6,000) in addition to the above:

  • Record high (during the month) temperatures
  • Record low (during the month) temperatures

The US data set is updated monthly; the international data set is updated according to WMO standards.



Foreca climate data tables are very easy to add to your website. All available locations are included in the Standard package and customers can choose which locations to show. The tables are hosted by Foreca and are placed in an iframe on the customer site.